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Greetings, stranger. May Almighty God be with you.

You have come to the gates of the central monastery of the Order of St. Adrian. Pilgrims, recruits, patrons, and those that are just curious are all welcome to visit with the brothers within and to partake of their hospitality. Poke around the many rooms of the monastery to learn more about a very small but dedicated group of individuals. Their lifestyle is not for the weak or the feint of heart, nor is it a popular one in such secular times as these. Yet, worthy endeavors are seldom easy, and difficult ones are seldom popular.

If you like what you see, feel free to contact one of the major officers (Master, Seneschal, Marshal, or Chaplain) for more information. The brothers always welcome new recruits.

In a brotherhood of might...
strength begets strength...
and courage fires courage.
Bonded in fury...
spirits unbreachable...
we are a fortress of flesh and blood.
Blessed are we in the company of our brethren.